Cellular Overnight Repair


Nighttime moisturizer with retinol, lipoic acid, CoQ10, and skin-firming copper tripeptides. Dramatically improves lines, sagging, and uneven pigment. Provides improvement after a single use and cumulative results with continued use.


• Imparts a smoother and firmer appearance
• Renews youthful glow
• Repairs past damage and helps prevent future damage

Featured Ingredients

Retinol: shown to increase collagen, improve elasticity, and even skin tone. It represents the best-tolerated form of topical vitamin A and it is known to reverse some of the more obvious signs of skin aging.
Lipoic Acid: one of the most potent antioxidants. It is small enough to penetrate the mitochondria of the cell, protecting the cell membrane as well as the cell's energy centers. Daily application will improve skin complexion.
CoQ10: an antioxidant known to be beneficial in boosting cellular renewal, encouraging the repair of damaged skin. Topical application promotes a healthier, more vital, and younger appearance.
Copper Tripeptide-1: stimulates enzymes that help build new elastin and produce collagen (key skin tighteners). Copper also helps to produce keratin in the epidermis which leads to improved skin tone and texture.